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Alongside my work in SEO, AI, and media consulting, I am a full-blooded journalist at my core with almost two decades of experience. I first started contributing to a regional Austrian newspaper, Kleine Zeitung, as a freelance writer at age 17. Ever since, I have enjoyed investigating exciting new stories and sharing them with the world. As an avid traveler, I have had the opportunity to cover stories right where they happen and never shied to step out of my comfort zone to get to the heart of a story. Today I continue to regularly contribute features about technology, society, and environmental issues to international news outlets, for example via Tea After 12.

On this page you can find out more about my work as a freelance journalist and read some of my latest articles!

Samples of my work as a freelance journalist

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Tech-Journalism is Putting it Simply.

One of my strengths as a journalist is my ability to put complex things into simple words. This is especially important when covering tech-topics. I simply love to approach topics of maximum complexity, put them into a context that matters, and explain them in a way the audience can comprehend.

From artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, to data protection and carbon offset — I cover a variety of exciting issues as a tech journalist, always with the intention of helping my readers acquire a better understanding of the world we live in and the future that awaits us.

In my SEO & AI blog I share some of my know-how and provide tutorials for DIY success in search engine optimization. If you want to start harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence for your business, I am now also available for AI consulting.

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Samples of My Work as a Journalist

Below you can find samples of my work as a freelance journalist. Recent articles concern digital rights, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, environmentalism, social entrepreneurship…

I hope you enjoy!

The ‘Woke’ Divide in the Skeptical Community
An in-depth analysis of the current crisis in the German GWUP and its implications for Skeptics around the world.

German Dilemma
[Article via Skeptical Inquirer // English]

What will the Internet of the Future look like?
A conversation with the Michael Rotert about the history and future about humanity’s largest network.

[Article via Goethe Institute // English | German]

What is Sustainable Agriculture?
This article explains the impact that farming has on our planet and why a transition to a more sustainable agriculture is crucial to combat climate change.

Sustainable Agriculture
[Article via IPPI // English]

How do Social Media Plattforms Shape Public Discourse?
Cultural scientist Michael Seemann talks about the power of social media plattforms, the Twitter files, and Elon Musk.

Interview Michael Seemann
[Article via Zeitgeister // English | German]

Could a ‘Quantum Leap’ stop Climate Change?
Interview with quantum expert Emily Haworth.

Interview Emily Haworth
[Article via The Quantum Insider & // English | German]

Democracy in the Digital Space
Human rights lawyer Maureen Webb about digital rights and technical discrimination.

Interview Maureen Webb
[Article via // English | German]

Urban Art Transforming Cities
Art in urban spaces as an element of social change.
Urban Art
[Article via // English | German]

“Whistleblowers are the guardians of our rights”
Interview with Vladimir Radomirovic of the Serbian whistleblower portal Pištaljka.
[Article via Tea After Twelve // English]

A World without Plastic
7 initiatives to reduce waste from around the world.
Save the oceans
[Article via // English | German]

Digital self-defense
In this interview, Markus Beckedahl provides expert tips for online security and data protection.
Interview Markus Beckedahl
[Article via // English | German]

When will me meet the Humanoid Robot?
Latest progress in robotics and A.I.
[Article via // English | German]

The Sensitive Algorithm
Could A.I. help us achieve immortality one day?
Article about the future of Artificial Intelligence
[Article via // English | German]

Paint Thicker Than Blood
Graffiti as a medium for change: A city-walk through Bogotá’s Fontibón with street artist Mos Ku.
Article on Graffiti in Bogotá
[Article via Tea After Twelve // English]

Blockchain: A Chain Without a Weak Link
What is blockchain technology and how does it work?
Article on Blockchain Technology
[Article via // English | German]

Dreams Rewired – Every Age Thinks It’s the Modern Age
Filmmakers Manu Luksch & Martin Reinhart talk about their technophobe/technophile masterpiece “Dreams Rewired” and the future of… well, everything!
Dreams Rewired - Every Age Thinks It's the Modern Age
[Review via Tea After Twelve // English]

Bavarian for Rebellion: The Trikont Label Turns 50
A feature in honor of the Trikont music label and Achim Bergmann, who sadly died soon after the publication.
Article on the Trikont independent label
[Article via // English | German]

‘The Misfit Economy’ – Business-Advice from Pirates and Gangsters
Discover entrepreneurial creativity at its best in this feature about Alexa Clay’s & Kyra Phillips’ refreshing book.
Review on The Misfit Economy
[Review via Tea After Twelve // English]

Some Impressions from the Road

Here are pictures and memories from journalistic expeditions I’d like to share with you 🙂

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