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SEO starts with simple math: If your website appears as result #4 on Google instead of #1 when people search for a certain phrase, you will only receive one-fourth of the organic visitors that you could get otherwise. And if your website or online-business fails to rank on the first page of Google for the most important search phrases related to your product or service, you will miss out on a lot of organic traffic and business!

As an SEO expert, I specialize in helping my clients identify the most valuable keywords and search-phrases for their business and optimize their websites for increased visibility on search engines. To guarantee the best possible competitive advantage, I rely on the help of the latest AI applications and smart algorithms. As a digital native and skilled copywriter with a deep interest in SEO and web development, I offer a unique set of skills to take care of all your SEO needs: conducting the analytical fieldwork, the creation of high-quality content, and the technical implementation of your website. With my up-to-date SEO know-how, hands-on tech-skills, and simply convincing creative content, I reliably improve the search engine ranking of my clients’ websites and optimize them for achieving more conversions through organic traffic.

SEO specialists know that search engine optimization is a craft that requires an individualized approach. Depending on the type of business and the competition, your success in SEO could either depend on just a few simple measures or it could require daily efforts to keep up with competitors, who also continuously strive to improve their rankings. I would like to invite you for a consultation to evaluate the current organic reach of your online business as well as your competitors’ businesses, to develop a plan to maximize your company’s visibility. Let me show you what I can do for you and contact me today for a free, initial SEO consultation.

No matter if your business operates in a niche or in a market with fierce competition: my professional SEO services will lead your online-business to success – reliably and at affordable rates.

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SEO Know-How & Copywriting — Tailored to Your Needs

As an SEO expert and copywriter with a strong technical background, I will guide you in all areas related to improving the performance of your online business. I offer hands-on support and worry-free solutions in technical, analytical, as well as creative matters.

Essentially, my SEO services cover everything to help you achieve success with your online business or project:

  • Professional Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis: Find out which search phrases are the most important for your product or service, see how much competition you face, and identify the keywords with the highest potential for better organic reach.
  • Semantic Mapping & Keyword Allocation: Receive a structured semantic map of all keywords relevant to your business, including suggestions for their allocation to different landing pages.
  • Optimization of Landing Pages: Optimize the text, graphics, loading times, information flow, calls-to-action, metadata, and OG-data of your website for the most relevant keywords, as well as for a wholly satisfying user experience, a high click-through-rate and a maximum of organic conversions.
  • SEO Copywriting & Digital Content Production: Convince new customers with outstanding, streamlined copy for your old and new landing pages and publish high-quality digital content for long-lasting effects.
  • Social Media Outreach & Link Building: Improve your website’s backlink profile with high-return guest posts and advertorials, published in media most relevant to your target audience – win new customers with high-impact social media campaigns.
  • Technical Implementation & Performance Measurement: Guarantee smooth interaction between your website, your social media accounts, and the tools for measuring performance, such as Google Analytics and the Search Console. Implement new content directly into WordPress, your CMS, or the code of your website.

Let’s talk about your online business and see what we can do to help it reach its full potential! An initial consultation is completely free with no obligation.

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SEO Specialist & Digital Entrepreneur — 15 Years in SEO and Counting


Being a digital native, I have helped my friends and clients to build, develop, and improve their online businesses and projects since my teenage years. Meanwhile, I specialize in SEO and copywriting and cater for clients all around the world. Through my training and experience in programming and web development I’ve become well-acquainted with the backend of WordPress and I understand the ‘weird lines of code’ that are hidden there. I also know how to communicate efficiently with programmers and designers — an important factor for making the most of all resources while leading a web project to success.

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