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Media consulting is a versatile profession that requires a profound understanding not only of the media world, but also of other subjects such as sociology, psychology, technology, and information theory. The reason for this is that a media consultant handles a wide variety of different tasks — from launching profitable internet marketing campaigns and optimizing ads on Facebook and Google, to hands-on PR work such as pitching stories to journalists and drafting press releases. Professional media consulting relies on an eclectic skillset combined with a keen sense for audience reception and that is exactly what I am offering.

I have spent years honing exactly the skills it takes to guide my clients through a complex and complicated media world, that keeps changing at an ever-increasing pace. With over 10 years’ experience as a media and marketing consultant, I offer professional support with all things related to the public reception of your company. To help my clients stay ahead of the game in the digital age, I provide individual AI consulting. I take pride in creating individual and strategic media solutions that show quick and long-lasting effects. My services include introducing your brand to the world by phrasing a convincing press release; or boosting your conversion rate with a high-return social media marketing campaign. As an experienced journalist, I will also help you establish first-class contacts to newsrooms all over the world.

On this page you can find out more about my work as a media consultant. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me show you how you can improve your marketing and public image — online and offline!

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Successfull Facebook ads

Boost Your Business with Facebook Ads: Social Media Marketing Consultant

The rise of social media has turned the entire world of marketing upside down. Not only do social media ads allow marketers to start reaching new clients with as little as a 1-figure daily budget, but they also make the success of an ad campaign exactly measurable. Whereas it is difficult to determine, say, the additional turnover generated by a billboard, an ad on Facebook, Google, or another global platform makes it possible to precisely measure how much you need to spend to generate a sale, a click, or a subscription. Hence an online advertisement uses the conversion rate to measure success.

If you have not been taking advantage of social media marketing to boost your online sales, you should start right away! As a professional social media marketing consultant, I can help you to achieve your goals and win new clients through spot-on ad campaigns placed on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and other social networks. I know exactly how to create and optimize the target group settings for your brand or product and how to draft ads that will cause the audience to interact. With my talent for copywriting, I will provide fresh and professional copy for ads that guarantee high conversion rates.

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Media Consulting, Public Relations & Crisis Management

As a media strategist by passion, I simply love to create, adjust, and improve the blueprint for my clients’ PR needs. During seven years as a public relation manager for an NGO and multiple corporations, I have had the opportunity to prove my talent for steering long-term brand awareness campaigns, as well as for expertly handling responses to unexpected events and crises.

No matter whether you are looking for quick and professional solution to a sudden PR crisis or want to strengthen your brand and image with an elaborate long-term media strategy — together we will find the perfect way to spin your story in the right direction!

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What Clients Say about My Work as a Media Consultant

“Congratulations from a good-humored newsroom – you got us a lot of attention with that story!”

– Kurt F., Editor-in-chief

“Yes, Johannes, what a great way of handling this crisis… I’m impressed :-)”

– Dr. Peter S., CEO

“Thanks a million – your response to this crisis was invaluable. (Revise that to read: YOU are invaluable.)”

 – Sandra P., Medical Director

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