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No matter whether your focus is on e-commerce, or you own a brick-and-mortar store: A solid business requires solid copy for all levels of interaction with its clients. Every kind of communication is an opportunity to impress and connect with your customers, so they come back. This starts with product design and packaging that displays attention to detail, a flawless customer journey through the company’s website, and pre-designed system-emails that reflect and honor your mission. For success on the market, all these elements – and more! – ought to be a passionate testimony to your brand and tailored to the language and expectations of your target group .

As an experienced freelance copywriter and media consultant, I can guide your business on its quest to achieve maximum brand awareness by providing you with the perfect copy to make an impression I produce high-quality texts and slogans that are tailored to the medium, the recipient, and your brand. As an SEO expert, I can also make sure that the copy on your website allows for maximum exposure on search engines. My freelance copying services are available in both English and German.

On this page, you will find out how a well-composed direct response marketing campaign can help kickstart your business and what other copywriting services I offer.

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Professional Copywriting: Online, Offline, Trans-Medial

Countless aspects of a business require good copy. But nowhere is the importance of professional copywriting as visible as it is in marketing: in a fast-lived media world, a single ad-campaign has the power to make or break the future of company. An experienced copywriter understands all the intricacies of the turf, knows how to appeal to the zeitgeist, while sparking your audience’s enthusiasm.

Today, a viral ad campaign can give incredible exposure to your business or product, for little or no budget at all. Likewise, a streamlined social media ad can get you ten times the customers that a standard model might get you. So, without quality copywriting and marketing, you are losing business (and money)!

A well-composed, trans-medial marketing schedule can work wonders for your (e-commerce) business! As a copywriter and content producer with almost two decades of experience, I specialize in streamlining my customers’ websites, newsletters, social media activity, as well as offline marketing, into one coherent story that simply compels customers to buy and share your brand. Ask me about my direct response copywriting campaigns with high-return prospects!

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Direct Response Copywriting, Social Media Ads & More…

As a digital native, a lot of my work as a freelance copywriter takes place in the online world. On an almost daily basis, I provide copywriting for websites, social media advertisements, newsletters, direct response campaigns and other texts related to e-commerce. Further below you can find out more about my copywriting services for traditional formats and media.

Copywriting for Your Website

Whether you are looking to improve your website’s overall appearance, a technical SEO revision, or streamlined content for your blog: I offer freelance copywriting for all things related to your website and your online appearance.

Direct Response Campaigns

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A direct response copywriting campaign usually happens in combination with some discount or special offer for your web shop or online business. Through artistry, meticulous timing, and a deep understanding for the psychological aspects of customer behavior, I offer to help you compose newsletters and promotional emails for high-response campaigns.

Social Media Ads and Target-Grouping

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I provide fresh and professional copy for social media advertisements that guarantee high interaction and return. With my experience in creating spot-on target groups on Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms I can help you to reach exactly the audience you want!

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Old-School Never Dies!

Trans-medial Copywriting & Offline-Marketing

Sometimes one ought to be reminded that yes, there’s a world away from the screen. While online marketing undoubtedly bears great possibilities (due to its low costs and entry-limitations especially for small businesses and startups), “classic” marketing channels and products can still be an excellent way of engaging your target audience and reaching new customers.

As a freelance copywriter I also offer to provide the ideas, design, and text for more traditional forms of advertising:

  • Slogans and designs for posters and billboards
  • Scripts for videos and TV ads
  • Flyers, folders, catalogues, etc.
  • Advertorials in print media
  • Goodies / freebies

Contact me for more information about possibilities that are tailored to your brand, product, and target-audience!

What Copywriting Clients say

Here are a few words of praise that I have received form clients who I have supported as a freelance copywriter 🙂

“Absolutely brilliant. The ad makes me smile and emotional. Brilliant.”

– Fatima M., project manager

We will print this text in poster-format and put it behind a golden frame – it sounds simply fantastic :)”

– Peter K., Entrepreneur

“Hey Johannes! You’re a genius – the new ads are taking off madly :)”

– Steve K., Head of Marketing

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