Feedback from my Clients

Here is a collection of some of the flattering feedback that I have received from my clients as a copywriter, content producer and SEO consultant.

“Absolutely brilliant. The ad makes me smile and emotional. Brilliant.”

– Fatima M., project manager

We will print this text in poster-format and put it behind a golden frame – it sounds simply fantastic :)”

– Peter K., Entrepreneur

“Hey Johannes! You’re a genius – the new ads are taking off madly :)”

– Steve K., Head of Marketing

“The posts on our Facebook page regularly receive over 500 likes, that’s amazing! Everyone who’s seen it is impressed.”

Manuel S., CEO

“What an incredible article. Great work. Everything fits together and it creates exactly the trust that we need.

Carl K., PR Manager

“I want to thank you personally for the realization of our new website, without your commitment none of this would have been possible. Amazing work, really!”

– Tom N., CEO

“Your script was so hilarious and convincing. I’m smiling just thinking about it. The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been amazing! I keep reading it again and again, and just wow -just thank you.”

Brian L., Education Specialist

“Congratulations from a good-humored newsroom – you got us a lot of attention with that story!”

– Kurt F., Editor-in-chief

“Yes, Johannes, what a great way of handling this crisis… I’m impressed :-)”

– Dr. Peter S., CEO

“Thanks a million – your response to this crisis was invaluable. (Revise that to read: YOU are invaluable.)”

– Sandra P., Medical Director

“We already got so many more orders through our web shop. I still don’t fully understand how you did this, but I’m impressed. Everyone is super happy about the additional business :-)”

– Katharine W., business owner

“The ranking reports just came in, and they confirm the trend: immense increase in visibility! This is a real gamechanger for us. Thank you so much for getting us there.”

– Margret P., business owner

Credit header picture: Timon Klauser (photographer), Dario De Siena (artist)