The Google Leak, Skeptical Inquiry, and Theorizing the Future of AI

It’s been one week since leaked API documents from Google became the new hyperfocus of SEO consultants worldwide. In my latest article on DaniWeb, I cover all the key takeaways from the leak and provide suggestions for optimizing your content. Followers of my #AGItalks-Series can now access a special interview with AI theorist Demetrius A. Floudas. For the first time, he shares his theory of three distinct phases of the AI era, and we discuss artificial neural networks, the Fermi Paradox, Tipler cylinders, and Homerian lotus-eaters. Additionally, I have contributed an article to the Skeptical Inquirer about the election outcome of Germany’s most influential skeptical organization and the ambitious plans of the new board.

1. SEO Advice: It’s Time to Build Your Brand!

Google Leak

The list of implications of the Google leak is long, but the most important revelation might be that the strength of a brand heavily impacts SEO success. To illustrate this point, we take a closer look at what works best on Google at the moment – and how giant marketing conglomerates abuse this knowledge and employ a questionable strategy known as ‘keyword-swarming’. Also, expect practical advice on content creation in light of the leak:

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2. Are You Ready for the Kainonoëtic Epoch?

AGI Talks Demetrius

In the latest AGI talk, transnational lawyer and policy theorist Demetrius A. Floudas presents his intriguing theory about the AI era, culminating in the Kainonoëtic epoch where AGI achieves recursive self-improvement. We also discuss the most imminent dangers of AI, such as existential boredom and cultural annihilation, and Demetrius suggests establishing an international regulatory body for AI, similar to the IAEA.

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“Non-biological brains of a higher capability than the expert systems we possess now should be treated similarly to existing Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Demetrius A. Floudas

3. Meet GWUP’s New Board

GWUP Board
The new GWUP board. From left to right: Barbro Walker, Rouven Schäfer, André Sebastiani, Stefanie Handl, Judith Faessler, Timur Sevincer, Stefan Uttenthaler, Stefanie Weig, Stefan Soehnle. Photo by Andreas Brauner, courtesy of GWUP.

In May, the German Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences (GWUP) held a board election – a highly anticipated event among skeptics in the German-speaking world. My latest article in the Skeptical Inquirer details the election results, their implications, and the vision of the new board. The Richard Dawkins Foundation kindly provided a translation into German.

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This post is also available in German.

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