DevDay, the Job-Market, and Dystopian Visions

In November, I have released more AI-related articles over at, discussing the implications of AI + Micro Transactions + Big Data, the end of white-collar work, and the key takeaways from OpenAI’s DevDay. And at Substack, a deep dive into the absurdity of most fining-systems awaits you:

1. Will AI + Big Data Lead to a ‘Perfect Dystopia’?

Dystopia 2023

Discover how the story of Philip K. Dick’s Ubik is becoming an increasingly uncanny vision of a future driven by AI, Big Data and Microtransactions. But like most dystopias, this one has a silver lining:

>> AI + Micro Transactions + Big Data = A Perfect Dystopia?

2. What Happened at DevDay?

GTP-4 Turbo

OpenAI’s DevDay this November was characterized by numerous groundbreaking announcements. This article gathers the key takeaways and addresses the implications of GPT-4 Turbo:

>> OpenAI’s DevDay Unveils GPT-4 Turbo: Consequences & Questions to Consider

3. What If AI Takes Your Job?

AI took your job?

The job-market is transforming rapidly, and countless white-collar jobs are at risk of being replaced by AI. My article discusses the most essential strategies for economically surviving the AI revolution:

>> 5 Things to Do When AI Takes Your Job

4. Prohibited by Fine Means Legal for a Fee

Prohibited by fine means legal for a fee...

Did you ever ask yourself if it’s fair that a $100 speeding ticket is just a minor annoyance to some, but a financial tragedy to others? My latest piece on Substack exposes the fallacies of flat-rate fines and present ways of rethinking penalties:

>> There’s Something Foul with Fines: Rethinking Penalties in a World of Economic Disparity

This post is also available in German.

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