ChatGPT 4.5, Dall-E, Q*, and The Science of Opposing Christmas

This month, I published three more articles from the the world of AI at DaniWeb. Learn all about the latest speculations about ChatGPT 4.5 and Q*, and find a beginners’ tutorial to Dall-E 3. On Substack, we take a deep dive into the science of opposing Christmas.

1. What to Expect of GPT 4.5?

GPT 4.5

Yes, ChatGPT got dumb and lazy. Find out what the latest drop in performance is all about, and why we should still be excited about the LLM’s next upgrade:

>> Why ChatGPT got dumb and lazy

2. Get the Most Out of Dall-E


AI image generators are getting better by the day. In this tutorial you’ll learn the basics of creating realistic portraits and stunning logos with Dall-E 3 and ChatGPT:

>> Dall-E tutorial with examples

3. What’s the Deal with Q*?


Sam Altman’s firing and subsequent return as the CEO of OpenAI raised some serious question about what exactly they are working on. Find out all we know about Q*:

>> Q*: What is OpenAI hiding?

4. Unwrapping the Harsh Realities of Christmas


Did you know that CO² emissions around Christmas are 6.7x higher than usual? And besides the environmental costs, the holidays also cause physical and mental harm. Discover the science behind the growing distaste for Christmas:

>> Read X-Mas is BS on Substack

This post is also available in German.

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