Dead Internet, the Rise of the Bots, and the German Dilemma Continues

The web is only as good as the content we produce. That’s the core-argument of my latest article discussing the rise of AI-generated content and the implications for SEO over at DaniWeb. Continuing to investigate the ideological conflict in the German skeptics’ community, another analysis was published by the Skeptical Inquirer – just in time before the decisive election on May 11. And three more interviews from the #AGItalks-Series await you – read them and find out what experts think about the future of AI and h00mans.

1. The Internet is Dead

R.I.P. Internet

In 2024, bots will account for more than half of all internet traffic for the first time. At the same time, AI generated content has become so convincing that it regularly goes viral on social media. At this point it looks like we are stuck in a cycle where bots create and upload content, and then interact with it until it appears in our feeds. Find out how all this ties in with the Dead Internet conspiracy theory, and how these trends affect SEO:

>> Read: Dead Internet Theory: Is the Web Dying?

2. Skepticism Does Not Mix with Cancel Culture

Skepticism & Cancel Culture

A great deal is at stake when the oldest skeptic organization in the German-speaking world (GWUP) elects its new board at SkepKon tomorrow. Voters will decide if the next GWUP leadership should remain committed to enlightenment values and unrestricted critical thinking, or if it should embrace identitarian ideology and provide a protectionist stance towards Critical Studies.

My second article outlining and analyzing the GWUP-crisis, was published by the Skeptical Inquirer on April 25th. The Richard Dawkins Foundation and Skeptische Gesellschaft have provided translations into German, and the conversation has since been continued at HDP and by Holger Marcks.

You can read the article here:

>> The German Dilemma Continues: Skepticism in the Face of Ideological Conflict

“If we judge people and not their ideas, if we prioritize our own beliefs over facts, and if we sacrifice objectivity for ideology, then we have failed as skeptics.”

3. Continuing the Conversation about AI, AGI & ASI

AGI-Talks April & May

For my #AGItalks series, I had more insightful conversations about the future of AI, humanity, and, well… everything! In the past month, new interviews with a former NASA engineer, the CEO of SmythOS, and two finance experts. You can find the three interviews here:

‘30% of Activities Performed by Humans Could Be Automated with AI’

– Alexander De Ridder

>> Read the interview with Alexander De Ridder

‘We’ll Know We Have AGI When >50% of the GDP is Generated by AI’

– Anthony Scondary

>> Read the interview with Anthony Scondary

‘AI Is Expected to Transform the Role of Controllers & Analysts ‘

– Sandeep Kumar

>> Read the interview with Manoj Kumar Vandanapu and Sandeep Kumar

This post is also available in German.

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