Devin, A(G)I-Talks, and the Benefits of Nuclear Annihilation

Get ready for lots of exciting news and new reads in April: Join us at DaniWeb for our newly launched series, ‘AGI-Talks’, where we talk to experts from a variety of fields about AI, AGI, and ASI. The new format is kicked off by an interview with Jen Rosiere Reynolds from Princeton’s Accelerator. And in my Substack, a satirical proposal to counteract global warming awaits you.

1. ‘Counteracting the Effects of Global Warming by Initiating a Moderate Nuclear Conflict’

Save the Planet, Drop the Bomb

Revisiting Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal, almost 300 years after its conception, my Humble Proposition is a satirical take on current debates surrounding climate change and nuclear safety:

>> A Humble Proposition

2. Why We Should Be Prepared for AGI

AGI Talks #1

To start our new AGI Talks series, digital communication expert Jen Rosiere Reynolds answers 10 questions about the future of AI:

>> ‘Prepare for the Earliest Possible AGI Deployment Scenario’

3. Devin Is Probably Fake, But AI Job Threat Is Real

Will Code for Food

A preview of an automated software engineer called ‘Devin’ went viral. Although it is questionable if Devin can really deliver all the things its developers promise, AI automation might still replace countless jobs:

>> Devin Might Be Fake, Yet AI’s Threat to Jobs Is Real

4. Europe’s Unicorn Dilemma

Slaying Unicorns

Why are there so few unicorns (i.e. startups valued over $1 billion) made in Europe? This article looks for the reasons why the European Union has become infertile lands for tech innovation:

>> Slaying Unicorns: How Europe Sabotages Its Own Economic Future

This post is also available in German.

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